Sunday, February 26, 2012

I feel so bad for not posting for this long! Lately I've been sick so I'm not really sure what to post about except that I find that doing normal things while sick, helps me feel better. Like wearing normal clothes, not pajama clothes that swaddle me. I didn't wear make up because I have pink eye and that can transfer the germs. But for the most part, I find acting normal helps me feel normal. Although taking medicine and eating soup is the best thing you can do.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I have combination skin; which means I have normal skin on most of my face but I get oily in the T-zone. So lately after I shower, I apply cocoa butter to my face. I use a stick because it's easier to apply and keeps my fingers from getting all buttery! And when I wake up, the butter has soaked in(or rubbed off) and my skin is soft. Sometimes I have to rub in the butter that's on my upper lip and in the corners of my nose but for the most part, it's great! I totally recommend it! I feel like it moisturizes my face and seals in the good oils; keeps my face from drying out. Which lately I've noticed; I'm guessing from the winter air(ugh). I think that people with oily skin, it might either be really good or really bad.
Bye, more tips later!