Monday, January 16, 2012

Post #1

Okay, so my first real post of this blog. This blog is about home ideas, things you can do. Tomorrow I'll post again hopefully unless I have finals.

So I did some research and reviews on the Tresemme Aero Hair Spray is supposed to be really good, it doesn't make your hair "crunchy" and is only $3.50 at Target.
I like to go to Target because they seem to have a wide variety and at a good price. I got my Conair 1" Ceramic Satin Finish Instant Heat Curling Iron for $15 there. I would highly recommend this product because I have never personally used any type of hair styling product and my hair has turned out very well with the help of multiple Youtube videos. Personally, I want a hair spray that I can spray on my curls so they don't go flat during  the day. I've seen some gels and milks and foams but I am personally a fan of sprays. Give me your opinion on what products you use and maybe some homemade hair products you've created!

<3 Vanessa

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