Saturday, January 21, 2012

Post #4

I am now officially in love with Lush products. I have never used them but I am in love. I plan on buying the Lush No Drought dry shampoo because I go to school and I just don't have time to take a shower in the morning along with curling my hair and doing my little bit of make up. I want to buy the Toothy Tabs and maybe some massage bars because they sound great and I like to pamper myself. Speaking of pampering, today I used both a Mint Julep mask and a clay mask. I prefer the mint over the clay persoanlly. Maybe because it feels so refreshing or the fact that it fights acne. I don't get pimples usually, and I'd like to keep it that way. My only problems spots are my T-zone (I get oily there and only bumps on my nose), and around my lips; like the little place above your upper lip but below your nose, and my chin. I'm not sure what it is, I just seem to get them there only. After I masked my face (and did dishes while they dried, multitasking!), I used my three-step face thing. I'm considering skipping the dry shampoo and getting a few Lush facial masks instead. I might just wait for the masks and use my birthday money to get them. Luckily, I have a few Lush stores only and hour away (ok that's a little far but so worth it!). I feel like the Cosmetic Warrior would be perfect for me. Some people hate the smell of garlic but I love it.....and I also love onions! What a mouth-disaster! See, this is why I need Lush Toothy Tabs; so I don't scare guys away with my yummy garlic-onion breath. JK those scents combined aren't to yummy smelling. So anyways: do you guys have any homemade masks? And what are your feelings on Lush products?

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