Sunday, January 22, 2012

Post #5

I'm not the type of person who wear's gobs and gob's of make-up. I like to think of wearing make-up as smoothing out the (metaphorical) wrinkles; and when you cake your face in make-up, it's like you're changing the fabric (of your face). I don't think I'm gorgeous but I think everyone has natural beauty; they just have to use the right products to bring it out. I only wear Burt's Bee's pomegranate chapstick, Cover Girl Nature Luxe mascara, and Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus midnight blue eyeliner. I wanted to use a slightly colored eyeliner because I wanted to make my eyes pop. My eyeliner is the crayon kind where you twist it out. I use Clearasil tinted acne cream because it gets rid of bumps and it acts like a concealer. I only dab it on my nose (my trouble area) and whenever I get a random pimple.
How much make-up do you where?

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