Friday, January 27, 2012

Post #7

I am so happy with myself. The last three days. I have really been putting effort into my outfits. I even tried out a new outfit today after I got home; it looks pretty good on me.
Anyways, I though I'd share some things.
Yesterday, as I was getting ready for bed, I noticed my bottle of Aveeno soothing lavender body wash. I decided that I would wash my hands with it so that I would smell it all night. It was so nice smelling.
Also, I've been getting dry patches on my face; so when I get ready in the morning, I apply cocoa butter to my face. It can be greasy feeling but then it protects my face from wind and prevents me from touching my face: ergo transferring oils, making acne. This morning I noticed my feet were especially dry and cracked from the winter. So I decided to take body lotion (because it's so thick and moisturizing) and applied it to my feet, and put my socks on; going through my day like normal. And when I took my socks off after school, my feet were softer.

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